Battery maintainer question


Jul 21, 2022
Picking up our 2018 Aliner Scout soon and had a question.

I have been reading on these boards that we should remove the main fuse and hook up a trickle charger while in storage. My experience with these chargers comes from motorcycles, but I never disconnected the battery before connecting the charger. Is there a special reason I need to remove the fuse on the Aliner?

Thanks in advance.


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Apr 28, 2015
I keep the fuse out unless we don't have Shore Power, then I put it back in for interior lighting. Once a month I hook up the battery to a charger and top it off.


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Aug 14, 2008
There're some "it depends" on what exactly you're doing when at home.

I plug the rig into a 30 amp plug at home during non-winterized months but I disconnect power coming from the onboard converter to the battery with a battery disconnect switch. I turn it back on the day before we leave and let the onboard converter charge it back up. During the winter months, I will still use the battery disconnect, even when I'm just using the maintainer. I pretty much isolate the battery from the camper most of the time while it's at home.

As others have said, there is still parasitic draw and those maintainers, or at least the fancy one that I have, isn't huge on the amps to do more than maintain and desulfate the battery.