Bed slide out rail broken


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Sep 16, 2022
Long Island, NY
Hi y’all, our 1998 Coleman Santa Fe is open in the driveway! My husband power washed the 12 years of tree sap and dirt and whatever off last night and we set her up today. I found multiple small holes in the canvas that I’ll buy a patch kit for, and one tear in a screen that we can repair. There’s A LOT of cleaning to do too. And an ABS roof to deal with at some point.

One big issue we’ve found is on the big bed side, the front. When we pulled the bed out, it seemed to come out a little more on one side. Upon inspection, it looks like a bolt that stabilized part of the rail thing sheared off. On the three other rails, a metal arm is bolted to the side and then a rail moves on it. The bolt is made for a Phillips head. I hope some of this makes sense to someone! Does anyone know if this kind of repair can just be done with a nut and bolt (that’s what it looks like the other ones are attached with, the nut on the outside) or is this a special order type of thing?


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