Beginners Canoe?


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Jun 24, 2011
Northern California
Can't go wrong with a sturdy Grumman Aluminum! My 17' is heavy (70#?) but takes a beating just fine. They did make a stretched skin version that knocked off 20 pounds or so. Currently I have an old Sears model the I'm pretty sure is a Grumman re-branded. As a kid, we had a 17' Grumman that would take 2 large adults and one or two teenagers just fine. Very wide and stable. I usually use my current one alone, sitting backwards in the forward seat to make the bow not too high out of the water. Mostly use it for fishing.


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Mar 8, 2017
Old Town, Wenonah, Mad River, there must be more...there are a lot of good brands but they may have less desirable models so you'd still want to research a specific boat (most manufacturers have decent websites that'll tell you if they're made for rivers or lakes or fishing and how much they weigh). But for just being leisurely for one or two passengers, most that float are good! I grew up paddling (and sheltering from the rain under) a Sears brand fiberglass canoe and it was great. It did weigh a lot.

I have a Wenonah because it was one of the few easily available locally that would hold the entire family while being light enough to stay on my popup truck camper when I popped the top. Some family members now prefer an inflatable kayak...


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May 21, 2015
Old Town, Wenonah, Mad River, there must be more...
Nova Craft, Buffalo, Mohawk, Dagger and Bell all make a good general purpose recreational model. My first canoe was a Buffalo, I wish I had never sold it.