Bodina Resort :|


Happy to be off the ground! Wife happy, me happy!
Aug 17, 2012
My wife (Mrs SFK) bought a nice Coachman Clipper for our family to enjoy. Inaugral run, Bodina Resort (B.R.), north of Bonnyville by 28km and West of Cold Lake by 25km. The place is not that great. We arrived to find it was adjacent to a Municipal District campground. Not a big deal, however, there was no signage stating where the B.R. Office was. The camp site itself was...WIDE open. Trees were trimmed to RV or 5th wheel height. There was garbage from the previous occupents. The Shower was in the bathroom with the toilet so if you got there at the wrong time...following someone! There was a puddle from the time we got there on

Friday afternoon to Monday when we left of mud around the toilet and shower. The womens washroom was out of papertowel the whole weekend. The Noise levels depended on whether there were people willing to deal with it.

Firewood...there was a big sign that read "$25 4bucket of wood" Now, it seemed a bit deceptive to myself and brother in law. I know they shortened it but...and they charged tax (pst) on it...
There was nothing for kids to do, no play area, no swings, no slides, no green space unless you count the 10 feet of shore line. The swim area there was the size of a two car garage.

I've camped many places and have seen different levels of friendliness from old sour pusses to come over and have a drink. B.R. Had people that stayed to themselves. They walked by our tent trailer to get to the store, looked in and it felt as though they were looking down at us. I don't care about the TT being the smallest thing in the Resort...but the attitudes.

I wouldn't stay there again...ever! Checking into other areas that are better and family oriented.