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Jul 29, 2019
I don't see a mariner 5 available. I found a mariner 3 and 4, or an excursion 5. I am pretty sure intex excursion 5 does not have as thick as material as mariner 4. When we bought our mariner years ago the mariner 4 had the thicker material.

The mariner 4 also comes with a rolling hard floor and the excursion does not.


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Jul 23, 2019
Okay, I am glad that I asked the question! The names are different - I thought (my bad) that they are same, but looks like not, right? I am trying to find out if they are made of the same material or not. I found one site where it appears they are made of the same materials - both tube and the floor, but I am not sure if I can trust it...
Because, the Mariner 4 allows a heavier/higher capacity motor, whereas the Excursion does not!

Will do some more digging and research - some folks also mentioned about Sea Eagle, but those ones are more expensive. I am thinking how much use we would have - like may not be using them at every camping, but then may use it around me while not camping as well!!!

So, some thinking on my part, I guess. Anyway, thanks SO MUCH for your replies, @GandD , and if you find anything else, please do share.


Jul 29, 2019
They are not the same material. Here are a few good videos that really shows the differences.

Here is a youtube video that show the difference between the two.

here is a video about the mariner 4

here is a video about the excursion
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Jul 30, 2014
I know it's been a while since you wrote this. I am wondering did you buy and use it? I am toying with the same boat and looking through the posts here and found your post. Would appreciate if you share your thoughts.
I ended up finding a good deal on an old fiberglass canoe and went that route. But it looks like @GandD has you covered with some great first-hand info!