Canvas Sewing Questions


Nov 19, 2017
South Shore, MA
Hi All - Popped open the pop up as usual, popped open a seam - thankfully just the thread popped. So, my plan is to get my hands on a sewing awl and some thread. Sewing seems fairly straightforward with the awl, though I'll need hands inside and outside.

- Does any one know the gauge/ thickness of thread on the usual pop-up canvas?

- Does anyone know how to close off the ends of the loose thread on the canvas? Guessing I might be able to figure this out once I start dissecting out the torn bits, but any description or visual would be wicked helpful.

Thanks! Mike


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Aug 8, 2015
Once my thread started ripping it just kept getting worse on each trip. The thread was old and dry rotted. I thought about getting to restitch but after I redid the entire awning bag I realized I had neither the time nor patience to do the pup canvas. I patched it as best as I could and saved up for new canvas, and it was well worth it for me.

I used a speedy stitcher for the bag, and the waxed thread they sell. It just about killed my fingers over the 2-3 days of work it took to do the awning.