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A bad day camping beats a good day at the office
I don't think I've seen this one mentioned here yet.

I have been looking for a cover to replace my 2013 Carver cover, which was awesome and lasted forever, but they got out of the business of making camper covers. I was disheartened to read many reviews (here and elsewhere) of other covers, saying things like "it lasted a year or two" or "it only had a few tears after the first season", as if that was a good thing.

I recently ran across, and their camper covers. I bought this one:

Looking at reviews, these got very good marks. It's entirely different construction than my old cover, but seems VERY durable and waterproof (although it claims to still be breathable as well). The cover also has a lifetime replacement warranty, where you can get a free cover at any point in the future you deem this one unusable... even things like too much dirt on it!

The cover just came yesterday so I have no data on how long it will hold up, but I was very impressed by the construction. It came with a carrying bag, a generous supply of adhesive patch material (I hope that's not a bad omen lol), straps, and a few other extras. My only complaint so far is that the way they are packaged (they are vacuum-sealed into a bag) they come out very wrinkled. Not a huge deal for us since I keep the camper in a fenced-in area, but looks a little messy otherwise.

I'll keep folks posted, but this looks like a great option. If you do purchase, google "coupon codes" as I was able to get another $20 off the posted price just from doing that.

(Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with this company and don't get any kind of kickback for this post)

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