Cashless world


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Dec 22, 2002
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Being the smartass that I am, I would ask for a menu saying I don't have a smartphone. Then ask for the napkin, utensils, and condiments saying I'm disabled and it's difficult for me to get up from the table. Then, "sorry, I only have cash" at checkout. Then I would whip-out my smartphone and post a review.

As noted above, what is this restaurant going to do if the WIFI or local cel-tower is out.

Hey @vagov, where is this restaurant? I think we need to have a rally nearby and all go there for Saturday brunch.


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May 31, 2018
Funny as we were talking about it. I sware the phone knows what I am thinking.


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Aug 1, 2014
Thousand Oaks CA
I just wen to breakfast at a place that outwardly seems like the old fashioned diner type place. The place serves excellent food, and is packed and a line out the door on weekend mornings.

But they are hip with the times. You can join the waitlist on line from your phone before leaving the house. You check in when you get there, and can track your place in line. They text you when your up. You get a paper menu and a real person comes to take your order. She enters the order in a hand held device, the order is transmitted instantly to the kitchen. Faster than what seems possible (due to the crowded conditions), your food is brought to your table. When it's time to go, the waitperson swipes your card, hands you the device, you choose a tip (default is 18%). I always tip as close to 15% as I can, so a quick mental calculation and I choose "Custom tip" and enter a dollar amount. Hand the device back, and now I am free to go. No waiting in line to pay, no waiting for the bill to be generated/printed, no wait at all. The step of taking your paper order to the kitchen (and any side trips by the staff) is eliminated. The whole printing of the bill, sending your card back to the machine is eliminated. Your food arrives much quicker. Win win all the way around.

Their method is extremely efficient, and with a little planning on my part, I can get breakfast at an extremely popular place in very short order.

And no, I'm not a millennial. And yes, I've used traveler's checks, pre international ATM's (France, 1985, Canada 1988).

PS - If you are ever in the Monterey CA area, have breakfast at The Butter House. You won't regret going hipster ;)


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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
I too went to dinner this past Saturday night and actually had a real waitress. Who served drinks, checked several times if we needed anything and was really good. And she too had the same or similar hand held device , and I agree. It’s very efficient. The tip process was easy. so yes I’m not opposed to the technology. And had no problem. Tipping for service that I actually received. Not like restaurant X.
who was faceless and clueless. (Not going to mention name. ) If ever in South Park Pittsburgh. Try spoonwood brewery, excellent. Stone fired pizzas!


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Oct 3, 2011
when we get to the NEXT pandemic... all cash transactions will be halted, as no national bank will want to handle contaminated money... remember the cashless transactions at fastfood places a couple of years ago?


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Nov 30, 2012
I never have cash on me. My phone, driver's license, and a debit card for places that do not accept Google or Samsung pay is all I carry. I have no problem scanning a QR code but really appreciate being able to just scan a code to pay. No waiting for the check.

I don't need forced chit chat from a server trying to boost their tip. But I'm over 60, I understand you youngins are still figuring out technology 😂


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Nov 30, 2012
two things come to mind...

1. help is hard to find

2. go WOKE go BROKE...find another place to spend your money
Yep, I'm certain you were disappointed when they let anyone into a restaurant. Woke back then.