Chalet appears to be out of business


Sep 2, 2022
They are a great group of helpful people! The next September rally is at Harris Beach. Is that close-ish to you? I think it is southern Oregon coast??
Four hours. Will go. Have tried to join that Facebook a couple of times..... Hit join again this am.


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Just to clarify- not on a camper. They only sell parts on their website. Still frustrating! But, not thousands.

That's a little better. But I have a hard time understanding why they can't ship parts out. Assuming they have at least some of them in stock. Maybe this guy should be boxing up orders instead of attending rallies lol.


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May 17, 2014
Boulder, Colorado
An update on how I handled the broken roof guides on my 2012 Chalet Arrowhead. See first post in this series. Using my experience in building muzzle loading rifles, I cut new guides slightly oversize, then rasped and filed to final profile. Used a Forstner drill bit to cut recesses to secure the bases with screws rather than pop rivets, and used Gorilla brand double-sided sticky tape to anchor the arms. The arms are what broke on the original parts. This tape is great stuff! New guides are doing their job well.

Like many Aframes, the bow tie springs that are to help raise the roof sections have lost their oomph. We have to store our Chalet folded, in the garage, due to HOA restrictions. I believe the combination of lots of time compressed and hot garage robbed them of their strength.

Guided by the write-ups in the website I installed gas springs on all four corners rather than on just the rear corners. I used 20 pound rated springs, and now the roofs lift up slightly when the clamps are released, but get increasing amounts of assistance as the angle of force improves. Combined with the Chalet lifting handle getting the roofs up and engaged now seems easier than when the unit was new. When closing up I do have to use some body weight to get the front roof within range of the clamps.

The most challenging part of installing the gas springs was fabricating the spacers used to align the springs without interference with the skirts on the roof sections. I made simple rectangular spacers rather than the triangular ones in the AOC articles. My rectangles are easier to fabricate and spread the load over a greater span.

Nights are getting colder here in Boulder, and the next task is to winterize the Arrowhead.