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Aug 8, 2022
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Greetings all

Missus and I always enjoyed camping. When we met it was throwing a sleeping bag on the ground somewhere in our mountains (San Bernardino National Forest). Then a tent, then a tent with a kiddo (who, incidentally, came to be on one particular camping trip), then work, etc... and camping time faded...

Now kiddo is 20+ and we remembered that we used to love camping, why do we not do that more often? So in the past couple months we learned that blowed-up joints and bolted-together spines don't much care for sleeping on the ground anymore, even with an air mattress. As such, yesterday we purchased a 1981 Starflyer 1706 XL. Probably overpaid a bit, but it came with one side already rebuilt due to water damage (he showed me the photos of pre-repair even), roof already repaired, and one-season-old Bear Creek canvas already installed. Seller said he'd give us some time to talk it over, my wife said "we'll take it" and handed him the envelope of asking-price cash before I could really start to nitpick the oddities. LOL

I still have to buy and install the tow hitch for the TV ('05 Kia Sportage, V6, 4WD) so we towed it home with the old F150 4x4 (that has a bumper hitch 24" off the ground, so the trailer was at an ungodly angle...) Next trip isn't for a few weeks so I've got some time. I need to get into the brakes, the trailer has the surge brakes option but seller says the master cylinder is bad. I also have to sort out the ratcheting pall on the lift mechanism (bent and flaky) and figure out the safety lock rod thing* that appears to be missing entirely. I'll end up posting more as those items come up in the to-do queue.

* Re: safety lock rod thing. If anyone has a photo of a good one I'd love to see it. So far I've found a couple photos of mangled ones, and the crappy drawing of the front part of one in the manual. I can make an educated guess as to what things might be, but to see what they actually are would be swell.

I'll leave with a photo from the seller's listing, I haven't taken any of my own yet



Jun 9, 2018
Welcome- also here in So Cal- similar story on the camping- my license plate frame says “no more tents”
You will find a ton of great advice on here- throw some pics of what you are looking at so we can see what you are asking.


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Sep 9, 2013
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Greetings! Welcome to the forum from Midway USA.

Looks like you found a good one. Enjoy!

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