Van, PA - Near The PA Wilds
Jul 31, 2004
Van, Pennsylvania
Some of you may remember that last October our 11 year old dachshund, Lilly, became abruptly ill and passed away within 24 hours.

Today, we learned that our 13 year old cat, Chloe, has a tumor in her nasal passages and will probably have to be euthanized sometime within the next month. This began with symptoms of a cold. Then she began losing weight at a rapid rate and her condition has worsened. She was to the vet again today and we were given the bad news.

Also, our other dachshund, Daphne, has severe diabetes. She get insulin shots twice a day but is nearly totally blind.

Pet ownership has it's rewards, but it can surely suck too. [:(]


Dover, FL
Oct 28, 2008
So sorry to hear about your fur babies, they bring such joy to our lives for so many years, its hard to let them go.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.



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Jan 15, 2006
Alberta, Canada
Sending thoughts to you during a difficult heart breaks for you and your family. We all know how much they bring into our lives and how much it hurts to let them go. [:(]{{{{{hugs}}}}


One Day at a Time
Jun 14, 2008
Mine Hill NJ
Sorry to hear the bad news Pets are great and they become members of the family and the lose it greatly felt. I no because just last month I had to put my cat down after 16 years my wife stated the cat defined our marriage as we got him 5 months after our wedding.


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Jul 3, 2008
I'm sorry to hear this. It is so hard to deal with the loss of a pet. They become family so fast you can't remember a time when they weren't. Our cat just was diagnosed with diabetes two months ago. We are trying to do everything we can to control it so she has many years left with us. You are right, having a pet can bring you great joy, and yet with that we know all too soon, great sorrow.


Wilbraham, MA
Aug 20, 2007
Western MA
David, sorry to hear about your furry friend. The good thing is you know in advance, and can spend even more QT and spoil the daylights out of her in the meantime.

I lost my cat of 15 years, in a matter of about 20 minutes from onset to the dreaded decision...every day should be appreciated.


May 16, 2009
North Florida
I'm so, so sorry for the loss of your pet. These little furry friends are such a joy to have and to love for as long as you have them and it is so very hard when you lose one. I just lost one of my precious babies
the 4th of May and I loved that little guy so much and miss him.

[DOG]Our little furry friends are such a joy to us..


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Sep 8, 2007
So sorry to hear about your loss. Our pets are like family members.
Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.


Jan 2, 2007
We're so sorry to hear about your loss of Lilly and then to find this news about Chloe. Our family cat is named Chloe too so we'll give her some extra hugs tonight and pray for you and your family.


Van, PA - Near The PA Wilds
Jul 31, 2004
Van, Pennsylvania
After a month of lamenting the situation and hoping for some type of 'miracle', our Chloe was humanely euthanized by vet today. In the last couple of weeks, this tumor began taking over her left eye and deteriorating the flesh on her nose. She wheezed when she breathed and had frequent sneezing attacks.

We adopted Chloe from our local shelter 12 years ago, so I guess we really prolonged her life by more than a decade. It did not make things any easier when she lay on my lap, purring to me, as we waited for the vet to come in.

Rest in peace, kitty....... we loved you dearly.