Coldest Outside Temps While Camping in a Pup


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Jun 5, 2014
LG Region NY
Dont know the exact temp but it was cold enough to snow and and it didnt melt until noon. And the battery died overnight so it was pretty cold. Coldest in a tent was 37° on Saranac Lake but what made it worse was my loving daughter forgot her sleeping bag so I gave mine up. I put on every piece of clothing i had and shivered until the sun came up.


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Nov 30, 2012
Tent camping 3°, Pup camping 32°, TT 26°. Interesting to me was the snow blanket that covered my backpacking tent provided a nice insulating layer that kept the inside of my tent warmer than the outside air.

All three of these times were relatively safe with dry conditions and plenty of proper layers of clothing. I was caught in a nasty two hour downpour with 40° temperatures and no shelter that was the most dangerous.

Allen R Glass

Jun 2, 2020
Columbus, OH
12 degrees in northern Michigan over Christmas week, with snow and even a bit of freezing rain a couple of years ago. But mine's a hard sider Aliner, and that hard side insulation and wind break makes a big difference. Ceramic heater kept it up in the upper 50s inside.

My personal best on cold hardship is about 25 degrees in a tent during a college backpacking trip. There was a guy on that trip who built a twig and wood aframe up against a tree covered with 2 feet of leaves, and he said it got too hot to sleep in there.


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Sep 25, 2016
Jackson Wyoming
Wow, you beat my lowest. I only got down to 28 degrees (F) on one trip. And it snowed all night. It nearly collapsed my awning because I forgot to lower it.
Yeah that was a cold one. October 15th. Got up to almost sixty that day. Not unusual for that time of year. Last trip last year in our TT it got down to 8 degrees and my water pump froze solid. Miraculously it survived