Coleman "Astra" Project


Apr 14, 2023
Started with a 1994 Coleman Pioneer Avalon that I purchased on April 15th. My goal is to make it so I can work from it for up to one week with no hookups of any kind. I work on a computer so I need power and internet access.

So far I have finished:
  • Lifted it 6 inches by flipping the axle under the leaf springs, added new larger wheels, tires, bearings
  • Added four new taller stabilizer jacks
  • Added new taller swivel mount trailer jack
  • New 7 pin trailer wiring plug and extension
  • New trailer chains
  • Re-sealed the aluminum roof
  • Painted everything (rolled rubber roof, sprayed everything else) + custom vinyl graphics
  • New roof seam vinyl trim
  • All new exterior lights, valve covers, plug covers, pretty much anything that was yellowed plastic etc.
  • All new propane lines, hoses, regulators, dual 20 lbs propane mount
  • All new water lines and fittings
  • Added 3x 210 watt solar panels hard mounted to the roof (Newpowa npa210s-12h), added a aluminum wind deflector to the front
  • Added a Waveform 4g MIMO 2x2 directional antenna, as well as an omni directional MIMO antenna, and an external GPS antenna
  • Replaced interior lights with led color temperature changeable lights

To Do (probably more):
  • Remove and rewire ac/dc power distribution panel with Ecoflow Delta 2 2kw solar generator
  • Replace door latch
  • Increase fresh water water tank size
  • Look into adding onboard grey water tank
  • Paint cabinets
  • Reupholster cushions
  • Vinyl floors
  • New countertops
  • New Curtains

First Image (oldest to newest)
1-min.jpg 2-min.jpg 3-min.jpg 4-min.jpg 5-min.jpg 6-min.jpg 7-min.jpg 8-min.jpg 9-min.jpg 10-min.jpg
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Apr 14, 2023
Very Nice. !! Looks new. I love the stars on the side. :)

I use for mobile work camping. Great product.
Thanks! I will check that product out

Where did you come up with the big Coleman graphic?
And more importantly(to me), what flavor of paint for the sidewalls?
I found their logo that they used in 1994 and cut it myself on my vinyl cutter.

For paint I just used Behr ultra satin exterior house paint and sprayed it with a Graco Magnum Project Painter Plus. I pretty much painted it in exactly the same way I painted my house. Pressure washed, dawn dish soaped with a big sponge, rinsed, let dry for a day, taped and removed anything I didn't want paint on, then sprayed two coats on the side and three on the roof over the rubber coating.
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