Cranky lowering


Apr 11, 2022
Help! My trailer won't lower properly. Goes up great, but when lowering it, it fights. Feels like something is blocking it. If you wiggle it, it will go down about half a turn. It will go down but it's not a smooth ride. We've regreased everything that is supposed to be greased. Wiffle tree and cables are in good condition. We can't figure it out, please help. Thank you

PS. I leave on Saturday for holidays

2005 Fleetwood Niagara HW
tv: Toyota Highlander


2004 Fleetwood/Coleman Utah
Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
what Are you wiggling, the camper itself or the handle? I wonder if it’s your lift posts that are causing it to hang up. Did you spray dry lube on those? Do you see any signs that something is bent on them? Did you take the back panel off of the camper and inspect the chain etc. perhaps the chain got too loose and is causing it to skip. I’m afraid i Can’t help beyond that.