Crescent Ultra Lite

Tonya Harding

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Jun 15, 2018
Picked up another yak yesterday after a quick demo, really like it for paddling/fishing slow water or semi small lakes etc...light & extremely portable at 46-50 lbs & a lawn chair style seat, it paddles & tracks like a dream, the hull design is awesome, & has a track mount system as well as 2 Mity Mite mounts behind the seat for rod holders/ flag etc. Perfect for "throw & go", camping, whatever...I'm bout 195 lbs, & found the stability to be extreme good, great for 200 lbs & down...slapped a few accessories on it in the driveway this morning, couple of rod holders back & side, a flag, paddle yoke, & a trac eye for a dry bag clip, plenty of next one will be the Lite Tackle 12' to replace my aging Tarpon's a link
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