Cumberland Cove Seaside Campground


Jul 31, 2017
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About 10 mins from the Confederation Bridge lays a small family owned campground called Cumberland Cove Seaside Campground. Owned and run by a lovely older couple Doug and Michline. They take pride in their campground. Our Group .... 3 pop ups and a TT all arrived on Saturday July 11th to spend 7 days on beautiful Prince Edward Island. The grounds were clean and the washrooms tidy. There are only 8 serviced sites from what i understand and they are only 15 amps. There was a Covid 19 policy in place that limited people in the shower/ washroom to one person at a time. Which was followed fairly well. There is an open and well maintained grass area (we flew a kite) for everyone’s use. There is no pool and no playground but we kept our young fella fairly busy and the older kids of our camp group kept him and each other busy. The campground had approx 200 or 300 yards of shoreline. There is a large amount of seaweed on the shore. At low tide you can walk out the better part of a kilometre or two and only be up to your ankles or knees and there are sand bars everywhere ( we dug two varieties of clams). We used the campground as our hub and toured the island from there. We visited Summerside and Cavendish and drove to the singing sands beach in Souris about 2 hours away. Some of the adults of our group took the older the kids to Sand Spit and Shining Waters. We visited restaurants and antique shops as well as the touristy areas. Overall a great a pretty good place to pop your top


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