DIY Chuck Box


Nov 30, 2017
The Great State of Georgia
I made a chuck box from a Contico foot locker that I had from boy scout camping days. The dividers were made from scrap 1/8 inch fiber board. I have used it both for tent camping and Aliner camping. The box travels in the bed of my truck and then moves to the picnic table.

We always cook outside and the "Black Box" has everything we need except for the food.
- Coffee Pot
- Garbage bags (Walmart bags)
- Paper Towels - removable holder from dollar store. Had to trim base to fit.
- Spices, lighters, tooth brush/paste, flash lights, dish soap, hand santizer
- Plates and Bowls
- Silverware and cooking utensils in 1 inch PVC pipe
- Knife Block - purchased from thrift store and chopped down to fit. Has scissors that we use more than anything else.
- Mugs for beverages and soups
- Pans, bowls, cutting boards,...

This box makes packing for camp much easier.