Does my Coleman have a heater?


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Jun 10, 2008
YES.... We are so new with all this popup stuff... and no, we are not idiots :) Where is the darn heater in my Coleman Cheyenne? There is a a/c unit in the roof and the controls have low fan, high fan, low cool, high cool. The temp control goes from warmer (written in red) to colder (written in blue). Tried turning temp to warmer, but air was still cool. Please be nice... I really am embarrassed to ask anyone face to face.


Jul 6, 2008
Do you have the manual for the PUP? If not, check in the Owner's Manual section for yours.

Hope this helps.


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Aug 24, 2008
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Ours is located near the floor towards the rear. It has a brown metal louvered cover about 10 inches wide by about 12 inches high. It protrudes 1 inch or so. The theromstat is also mounted near the floor, close to the door. It looks just like a residential thermostat.

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Mine's not a Coleman, but furnaces are all pretty similar. Look to the left by the floor in this picture. The thing with the brown metal grate is the furnace:

<img src="" border=0>

Additionally, you can locate it from the outside as they all have exhaust ports. They look like this (the silver hole on the side)

<img src="" border=0>

You may also find a thermostat to operate it. They are usually located on a cabinet somewhere. Mine is next to the couch.


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Oct 12, 2008
We are also new to the pup world and just purchased a cheyenne of our own. As anybody will tell you here (from personal experience), there are no stupid questions.

Ours is an 02' and is equipped with a furnace. I believe most of the cheyennes are. The heat will come out of the small brown vent to the left of the fridge. On the outside of the pup, there are two hatch doors on the left side. Open the bottom one for gas control to the furnace. The pilot light manual ignition is also in this location. Once you verify the pilot works and set the propane adjustment, go back into the pup. The thermostat for ours is under the dinette bench farthest from the door. If you slide it to the desired temp, you should here a fan noise followed by a clicking noise. Let the furnace run for a minute, then you can slide the thermostat back until you hear a faint "ping." When you hear the ping, this is the current temperature inside the pup.

I'll try to post some pics soon. Hope this helps! Happy Camping!

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Aug 30, 2006
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Hey, elbertoncampers and Mike and Bonnie,
Welcome to the club.
Those 2 outside exterior PLASTIC hatch doors are for the refrigerator, and the manual ignition and temp adjustment you refer to is for that. It isn't related to the furnace.
If you have a water heater, IT must be manually lighted with a flame, from outside the trailer. The pilot light for it, and the temp adjustment, is behind a METAL hatch.
As for the furnace, there is no pilot light, as it has an electric spark start-up. There is a switch behind the grill (inside the pup) that must be turned on before you adjust the thermostat. There's a small black plastic latch (usually hard to turn) to access the front of the furnace panel. Make sure your propane is open at the tank. Your description of the thermostat function is correct.
Hope this helps. Also, I'm assuming that your 2002 Cheyenne has the same equipment as the Santa Fe, as I looked at both models.
Enjoy your new pups. How are your ABS roofs? I'm lucky to have one in perfect shape, with no bubbling or sagging.

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Yep. That "clicking sound" that you refer to is the elecronic ignition trying to light, so there would be no pilot. Keep in mind that you also need electricity for the furnace to work, either plugged into Shore Power or from a battery.


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Apr 17, 2005
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For your A/C to provide heat - it must have a heat strip installed in it. We have a Coleman A/C with the heat strip. The control settings are LOW HEAT, LOW AND HIGH FAN, LOW AND HIGH A/C. Since your control panel does not include a heat setting, I don't think it has a heat strip.

If you have a furnace as most have described here, it operates as many have posted and it has no connection with your A/C.

As a side note - we added the heat strip to our current Pop Up even though we have a furnace. Our first season, we realized the furnace is a major propane hog! So we use the heat strip as our primary heat source (since we paid for the electric hookup as flat cost included in the campsite rental) and only use the furnace for extreme cold (below 45 degrees or so).

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Feb 2, 2008
The metal grate under the sink is the furnace, the thermostat is under the dinette.

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