Does vinyl click flooring require an underlay?

Apr 13, 2022
Hi all, I'm installing a new vinyl clicking floating floor over my current original popup's flooring. People in two different flooring stores have told me different things about whether I need an underlay. One guy said if the flooring is waterproof (the one I've chosen apparently is), you don't need one and another guy said it was mandatory no matter what. Any thoughts? I've never installed flooring before. Thank you!


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May 31, 2018
Your going over the old floor, your fine. Its more of a moisture barrier. But you allready have one down. The old floor!
Apr 13, 2022
Well, we found water damage in the floor and now we're replacing some of it :oops: so the vinyl is coming up.

So, um, now do I need an underlay? I assume I do?