Elkmont - SMNP


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Aug 18, 2019
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Question any email from the SMNP management that contradicts with the below. Most of the stories are false. Hopefully everybody is on the same page/story by now.

Elkmont's sewage treatment plant is either being replaced or heavily modified as of 4-6-21. The loops on the west side of Little River are closed. I speculate they will be closed for a long time. After the repairs are completed they will dig up the old terra cotta pipes from the latrines to the sewer plant and replace them. Dont know how they will handle the East side loops AKA the side with the entrance road when they replace that side. It appears the east side sewage if pumped over the river.

DW doesnt use profanity but I heard several women practicing their Navy days including DW. See, they weren't telling you about the Port A Johns. Nor the inadequate number of them. Nor the John vendor was unable to keep them reasonably clean the first few days. Fortunately the Park decided to double the number of Johns they rent after some opinions were expressed. This helped with the cleanliness. The govt requires the Johns to be taken off premise to be cleaned and as of the time we left the vendor only had enough Jons in inventory / drivers to make the long round trip replace the Johns every 2 days, not every day.

The Park bought/rented/ something a giant grey water tank that a vendor pumps once a day. In order to not overfill the tank, you can only wash your hands at the latrine for 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the evening. Yes, they lock the doors <GG>

This screwed up mess brought to you by the Federal Govt.

Notes to myself that I will read next spring. April 6 is the beginning of green cast. there are very few pines. By the 14th green cast was definitely over and leaf out well under way. Was able to solar charge through the trees. By the end of the trip the early leaf out was cutting charging by 30 to 50%. Get the point of loop A for best solar charging site. Avoid the creek sites.


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Jul 30, 2014
Just a quick note: Elkmont is on the TN side of the park.

Definitely sounds like a mess. I was going to book Elkmont for a trip in June but it was already filled up so we ended up over in Smokemont. Sounds like maybe that was for the best [:(O] ;)

I wonder if they are planning on adding a dump station as part of the newer treatment system rather than having to go all the way to Sugarlands.