Exeter Elms Campground, Exeter NH.


Jan 14, 2012
Exeter Elms Campground
190 Court Street (Route 108)
Exeter, NH 03833
1-866-778-7631 or 603-778-7631

DW and I just returned from a six-day stay at Exeter Elms Campground. DW and I discovered this campground a couple years ago while kayaking the Exeter River which runs past the the entire length of this campground. From the river it seemed like a nice place. So, we booked a river-front site with water and 15 amp electric for $45/night.

I'm not in the habit of posting negative reviews on businesses. Anyone can have a bad day. However, this place seems to have ongoing systemic issues. I really feel the need to give you all a "heads up".

We arrived at the campground following a 3-day stay at a music festival in the White Mountains. The sites are small and spaced close together, typical of what we've come to expect in private campgrounds in New England. The site was reasonably level. The picnic table was in decent shape. The "fireplace" consisted of a shallow 18" diameter depression dug out of the sand and surrounded by about a dozen softball size stones. After the first rain, about 4 days into our stay, the "fireplace" filled with water. From that point it was only suitable for breeding mosquitoes.

Speaking of bugs, we had an awful time with horseflies swarming all over our site. They drove us inside the PUP on more than one occasion. I'm not sure I'd blame the campground for that one as we should expect bugs camping that close to water.

The worst part of the experience was the bathrooms. Camping at the festival was primitive, with no shower facilities. We cleaned up as best we could in the pop up sink with the water we brought with us. By the time we, arrived at Exeter Elms, both DW and I were in dire need of a shower. I went first, depositing 2 quarters in the meter. There was ZERO hot water pressure and very minimal cold water. By this time, I was already butt naked. So, I just toughed it out and took a very cold short shower.

DW took her shower next and reported the exact same experience.

The Men's bathroom reeked of urine with toilet paper littering the floor. The toilets were beyond disgusting. DW reported the similar conditions in the ladies room.

Management managed to fix the hot water situation the following day, but the bathrooms remained in the same disgusting state during our entire stay.

DW stopped by the office our our way out and told the clerk at the desk about the condition of the bathrooms. DW said she was nice enough and acknowledged they've been receiving lots of complaints. She also said, a new owner has just sunk over $100,00 into the place. IMHO, that excuse fails the smell test just like the bathrooms. Specifically, it smells like unengaged, disinterested, absentee ownership.

Needless to say, we won't be back.


Mar 23, 2015
We have been there a few times but just for a weekend. Can see where being there for 6 days could be an issue. To bad they could not keep the bathrooms clean and neat.