Fantastic Fan - cleaning after a trip - cooking grime

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
Oakland, California
Tip: if you cook inside, as we always do, the screen and fan blades can be removed, taken inisde, and cleaned with hot soapy water.

The shroud inside is fixed, so we cleaned it with Auto Carb and Choke spray cleaner - worked great :)

I notices some openings in the shroud, which allow the fan to force dirty air into the inside of the unit, where my variable speed controller is located. So I put silver meatal tape over the holes.

Fan shroud taped.jpg


cleaning the screen means removing it. Our screen snapped off its first retaining tab (first in 3 years), so I ordered a pair of replacement no-name screens from Amazon. I was intending to carry a clean screen as a spare anyway.