Final (?) Colorado Rally, July '17, Near Durango

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Dec 26, 2009
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I thought I'd start a new thread about the Colorado Rally. As of today, there are just two sites reserved for the Rally. Unless someone else steps forward to plan one for next year, this will be the final Rally. The Rallies have been great for us, a chance to meet friends, new and old, find new campgrounds or visit favorites. However, the increased popularity of camping in Colorado over the past few years has been a mixed blessing. We've gained new Portal members, but it has become increasingly difficult to find camping sites within 2-3 hours of Denver/Colorado Springs, unless reserved as soon as eligible or stumbling into a cancellation. There are still some reservable sites at Vallecito during the Rally, and there are a good number of FCFS ones. There are also other campgrounds in the vicinity.
The Rally is not the sole reason we're going to Vallecito, it is one of the areas we like to explore. Since we already have the trip planned, we'll be in site 27 beginning Sat. 7/8, leaving Sunday 7/16, whether or not anyone else decides to come to Vallecito. If you're in the area, or decide to camp FCFS, stop by and see us. [We don't sit in camp all day, and DH has a long backpack planned, so you may not find us in at all times.]
The campground is Vallecito Campground, not too far outside of Durango. There is a stream that runs next to the campground, and fishing in the area. There is a trail into the Weminuche Wilderness from the campground.
The link to the reservation site is:

Link to official Rally thread:

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San Juan NF:
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Durango and Silverton RR:
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