Fisher and Paykel fridge hinge noise


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Sep 10, 2022
I have a left hinge single door bottom freezer integrated FP fridge. When I open and close the door the lower hinge makes a click/creak noise. It happens at different points of the opening and closing each time. The fridge is level. It happened shortly after I had it installed and thought it was a leveling issue so I had it re leveled. The noise went away but after a few weeks it's back. Nothing is loose. It's not squeaky or grinding. It's like a very short creak to the point that is just like a click.I haven't tried lubing it yet as I'm not sure which part to lube as it sounds like it's coming from where the hinge actually attaches to the door and not the actual hinge mechanism itself. Just wondering if anyone else experienced this (specifically with FP fridges) and what they did.


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May 31, 2018
Dont know what fridge you have, as I dont have one. But if it was mine I would reset the door, and lube the hinge with a silicone spray. Make sure the door is square with the fridge. Got a picture? Some home fridges would get a plastic washer as a spacer to lift the door off the bottem pin if it looked like it was rubbing on it or too low. But I'm just trowing out stuff for home kitchen fridges.