Mar 20, 2017
I just got our battery hooked up and our next trip is to a provincial park at a site without hookups. Not quite boondocking but close.
Anyways I’d like to get fans for our bunkers but the little light van combos seem small and expansive for what they are.
What I’m wondering is am I a nut for picking this up, cutting the power and off and soldering on a 1/4” plug (I think that’s the correct size) got power.
Fan in question:


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Jul 19, 2007
I have one of those in my TT, use it qhen we are in a Provincial Park in the summer and the hydro goes out, doesn't cool but will move the air around and it's much cheaper then a 12v fantastic table fan.


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Aug 8, 2015
I did something similar. I have 2 O2Cool 12v fans that have since been discontinued, but the same principle will work with any other fan. In my case I made a Y-connector that plugs into the 1/4” socket on the ceiling light. That allows me to plug in a bunk light and a fan. Works great.


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May 22, 2019
Got 2 of these for our trip last week; worked fine when pointed right at you but they don’t move a lot of air. Recharged them off the PUP battery once each using USB ports, didn’t draw much power. I got them on sale for less than $19 each so for that price I’m happy with them.

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Apr 28, 2015
If there's no Shore Power, I use the battery powered O2Cool fan I picked up a decade ago. Uses six D cells which seem to last a long while. Also can be plugged into an outlet.


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Nothing wrong with putting a 1/4" jack on that and plugging it into the fan socket. Another option would be to wire in a couple accessory (e.g. "lighter") sockets in the camper, as they come in handy for plugging in arbitrary things (including USB outlets which opens up many more possibilities)


Jun 22, 2021
We use a hanging usb rechargeable fan/ light that we use most often. It's lightweight and quiet, but moves as much air as the bunk end fan. I like that we can recharge it from any of our various solar power banks, our car, outlets, or our power station.

We have one of the bunk end fans, but it's louder and draws more power, so we don't end up using it often.