Full Custom Camper


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Sep 9, 2013
Kansas City
The Gearheads among us may recognize Ian Roussel and his TV show Full Custom Garage. Roussel gets his inspiration from famed customizers "Big Daddy" Ed Roth who built some wild machines back in the day, movie and tv car builder George Barris and the dean of car customizers Gene Winfield.
Anyway, Roussel has been posting his latest project on the Facebook the last couple weeks. As with most of his projects it's out there but, i think, pretty cool. He's mated a 1939 Dodge sedan with a 60s era vintage travel trailer.



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May 29, 2016
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Often the windshield is laid back for more streamlined appearances. Here it's been set more upright to better match the camper body. It's THAT metal fabrication that keeps me in awe of his work. Remember the Hudson he chopped? WOW!