FYI, SC campers be aware


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Mar 25, 2018
South Carolina
I haven't personally witnessed this, but I also steer clear on high demand campgrounds. Pretty much all camp ground raise rates at peak time anyway.

William Freeman

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May 5, 2018
Richburg SC
I was looking around today for a reservation Oct 5-7 and found quite a few that are available for the regular price and at parks that are usually hard to reserve only a month out. I guess those sites will start going up in a couple of weeks.


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Oct 15, 2011
DE and NH
There is a trend across the country for state parks to become self-funded and not subsidized by the state's 'general fund' like most have been for decades. This is causing parks to come up with creative ways of paying the bills, especially in states where most camping is seasonal.

Regarding SC's price increase due to supply and demand... I camp at SC state parks annually but usually just on my way south (then later north) in Jan/Feb when I'm about the only one there. Does that mean I get a site for LESS money? ;)
Please don't let Andrew Cuomo get wind of this. He's never met a tax or a fee that he didn't try to implement to NY taxpayers. We bought a pup in PA in June, I still haven't registered in NY yet. With the sales tax and the plates and registration it's going to be above $1100.00 Then there is the inspection.


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Feb 9, 2018
North Carolina
Has anyone had a hard time finding a park where you can just at a whim go for a weekend and not have to reserve a year out!!!!!
Yep. Living in NC and wanting to go to the nicer parks in SC certainly requires advance planning unless you get lucky and find a last minute spot. If they are really using this new model, it will get worse. Adding to it is that our favorite SC CG, Hunting Island, lost half it's spots to Hurricane Matthew in 2016. No more beachfront loops.


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Apr 13, 2020
East Tennessee
Has anyone had a hard time finding a park where you can just at a whim go for a weekend and not have to reserve a year out!!!!!
The only time we had in trouble was when we started looking to travel to Florida from East Tenn. We were a couple of months out and wanted to stay outside Apopka at Wekieva Springs and they were booked solid. We called several near our son (in Davenport) and everything that way was booked solid. We ended up paying double to get to stay in the park his Tiny House is in. This year we made our reservation much earlier and had not problems.


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Jul 18, 2013
Thornville, OH
So if you get it at the last minute do you get a super deal? Like hotels, rent it or have a vacate room for the night? I know I stayed at VA Beach about 10 years ago at 4 star hotel on the beach, with the room over looking the ocean. I made reservations the night before or maybe the day-of. They gave us the room for less than $60 per night, where the rack rate was like $120+ per night. That would be great to get a CS for 1/2 price.