Hello from Boulder, CO


New Member
Aug 5, 2022
Hello fellow PUP portal members.

My wife, Eileen, and I live in Louisville, CO, near Boulder.

We purchased, in the Spring of 2021, an Aliner LXE, from a dealer in Kansas. We attended the Aliner national rally this June in Rapid City SD.

I am very handy, and will likely do all repairs and upgrades to the LXE. Already have a list of tasks that need doing before our next trip, and a dream list for what we’d like to do in the future. The PopUpPortal is just what I need for ideas, and hopefully I can chime in sometimes with my ideas.

We had a Pleasureway van camper, 20-some years old, but it was very hard to handle, wandering all over the road. It was also greatly underpowered, slowing to 35 on hills.

Then, we tried tent camping for a while, but these 75 year old bones just couldn't hack it.

So now we have the Aliner, and it seems pretty perfect. We can even keep it in our garage.