Higher Octane of any benefit for towing?


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Sep 2, 2019
Ontario, Canada
Mine is an 2003 xl. V6 3.0 145hp.
Nah, you're not under powered. In 2003 the HP went up from 146 to 154! Along with the massive 180ft lb of torque you should pull any trailer with ease! Engineering marvel to get that out of only three liters of displacement.

All joking aside, those Vulcan 3L engines are indestructible and will pretty much run forever.
Just stay in the Granny lane, but keep the ranger until the body/frame starts to rot. No sense making payments when the ol girl still runs. Nothing new will likely last the 20 years you got out of this one!


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Jul 30, 2008
Keep on driving that Ranger. My 1994 Toyota is a blistering 114 hp. I pulled my Apache 8 years and a 17.5 ft I/O boat over 20 years. I never won any speed contests, but I always got there. I still drive that truck nearly everyday.


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Apr 13, 2015
LaLa land (SoCal)
Yup plan on keeping it for awhile. A lot of guys at where I used to work ( including my boss) were bugging me to sell it to them. They were disappointed when I didn't sell it and buy new before I retired ( a lot of guys did this). I might just buy a used vehicle just for towing and to keep mileage down on the ranger. I plan on moving to Tenn and I'm don't know yet how close my favorite campground will be when I find it.
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