How are you preventing theft? (my sad story inside)


Apr 19, 2021
SE Minnesota
Im thinking of adding the new Apple Airtags to all three items and the trailer to locate items when stolen. We keep both generators and lithium battery inside our home while in storage.

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I was also thinking about Airtag(s) when I made the post below about gps trackers, didnt see that part of your comment.

Think a big sticker or other sign with “this camper contains a gps tracker” printed on it would be effective deterrent? I am honestly not worried too much about theft at least at home since we usually have a vehicle parked in the way of hitch, and am working to create a parking spot for camper inside yard fence, but the thought of sending a location to enforcement has some appeal.


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Airtags (and Tile, and other such systems) only work when the item is moved to a location where someone who opts into the tracking network gets near enough to the tag to have it register its whereabouts. So if they drag it off to a woods somewhere and they don't have a tracking phone themselves, you're out of luck.

probably better than nothing, but it's not like a backpack where it's going to constantly be around students with phones that can report it.