How do I drain all of the water from my fresh-water tank


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May 29, 2016
As you can see from the photo, I have sitting fresh water in my holding tank on my 2015 Palomino sitting in my driveway. The valve is high up on the side (in my opinion) and doesn't allow for all the water to drain. Does anyone have suggestions as to how to remove this water or maybe what to install to allow complete water removal on future trips? IMG_1406.jpg


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Aug 13, 2012
Pittsburgh, Pa
If your trying to winterize , Just pour alittle pink rv antifreeze in trough your fill hose , and your will be fine, may become alittle slushy but it won’t freeze solid. Also can raise or lower front end as much as possible towards drain plug to try getting most out . If you want all the water out. Try installing a bottom plug would be my suggestion.


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May 31, 2018
I just drain whatever I can, next day or later in the day put the plug back in. Freezing in the tank with a little water never broke it. When dewinterizing, you will flush the tank, and fixtures, then sanitize it. So the old water gets flushed out.


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I open up the low point drain, then I put my shop vac in "blow" mode. I then blow a little air into the gravity fill. Don't push it right up against it because you don't want to overly pressurize the tank, just give it a tiny bit of positive pressure. You'll be amazed how much water will make it out that way.