how do you um "do it" in the popup with kids


Apr 11, 2022
LMAO, have had the same problem, BAL leveler helps also a really loud fan right by the kids bed ;)
Enjoy your camping!


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Apr 13, 2015
LaLa land (SoCal)
This thread hasn’t had any activity in over a month so I thought it needed resurrecting. My father-in-law told me about a young couple who pulled in and set up next to him in a pup some years ago. Seems they couldn’t wait to get to cahooting long enough to put the stabilizers down. Next thing you know, here they come tumbling out the rear bunk end screaming and hollering as the camper assumes a wheelie position with the tongue up in the air, and of course neither one of the young lovers had a stitch on. I’m sure it was a sight to behold. He said the couple then proceeded to pack up in a great hurry, after getting dressed and regaining some composure, and left.

So all of those posters who have said to make sure the stabs are solid know what they’re talking about.
Did this happen to be in socal by the coast by any chance. Because this happened to friends of mine. He still doesn't see the humor in it.