How Waterproof are Popup Gizmos???


Jun 24, 2013
Hello Community!

It has been awhile for me after my last trip. I am knee deep in my MBA, and three months ago I brought home a brother and sister from India...very busy now with school, work, and four kids.

Anyway, during my last trip, I had a corner of my tent over my bed shred like fingers. I desperately need new canvas, but with the new children costs, I want to get another season on the cheap.

My thought is that if I get the High Wind PUGS, I should be able to get another season out of my tent as it is...if the PUGS are really waterproof they should be able to cover the tears in my canvas...which are only located on the top do to heavy use and sun exposure.

Can anyone weigh in on this thought?



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Apr 22, 2010
The PUGS are waterproof. It is still possible that water will get in between the PUGS and your canvas at the attachment points. Where the PUGS attach to the roof is the most likely point of entry for water. I've been using PUGS for 10 years and think that are great!


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Oct 29, 2013
I agree... PUGS's are 100% waterproof but in a good rain, I would think that water will run under the Gizmo's and into your bed. It's just my opinion but I really don't think it will work. If it was a small leak, I would say to try a canvas repair kit but since it is shreaded like you said, I believe that new canvas is your best option. Good Luck...


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Aug 28, 2013
I am considering PUGS. Which one and are you recommending the ones which go outside your unit attaching on top of bunkends?


Jun 24, 2013

Is your response to Mocamper or to me?

Thanks all for the opinions. It seems that I am doomed to new canvas. I think I will try the PUGS anyway...if nothing else, I will still have them after new canvas. Also, am wondering if I can't combine the PUGS and some of that as-seen-on-tv spray on, flexible, waterproofing...since no one will see it under the PUGS.

I know I sound desperately cheap...but really I am just desperate to go camping and can't afford new canvas. To put that in perspective, I will hit my annual out of pocket maximum this month after all of the medical happenings with the two new kids. Ouch! I just don't want to not camp this year. Applying a Can Do attitude to make it work.

I will see what other opinions show up before I order, but is good to be aware of water getting under them still. I was planning on the High Wind for their lap over the sides and the securing ties under the bunk ends. I saw a post somewhere where they applied Velcro attachments up under the edge of the top so maybe that will help also.

I will keep you informed.


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Feb 28, 2013
What about getting some scrap canvas and sewing a patch over the damage. Then spray with a waterproof. I think that and the PUGS would work. Just my [2C]


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Apr 1, 2006
Tyngsboro, MA
I have the high wind PUGS, they work great for what they were designed to do, and I would not completely rely on them to keep the rain out. All it takes is one clip or one corner to come loose even a little and the rain water comes off your roof, and trickles in between the PUGS and the canvas, and in through the hole onto the bunkend. You could slightly pitch your roof so the water favors the other end to drain, but even that won't be foolproof.

How large is the torn area? You might be able to get a small section of canvas or other waterproof material just to cover that corner. There must be some sort of waterproof adhesive you could use as a temporary patch until you get new canvas. Then, you could use the PUGS as a sort of backup to keep most of the rain out and any seepage under the PUGS gets stopped by the patch.


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
Abrams1997, I was actually responding to mocamper but my comment could apply to you, too. As you noted, you'll have the PUGS for use now and after you get new canvas. I agree with the others that you can't count on PUGS to keep the rain out because of wind but campermom's idea of a patch, when combined with PUGS, might do the trick until you can get the new canvas.


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Apr 4, 2011
Ditto all around. But if you REALLY need to operate on the cheap, I'd duct tape the bad part on both sides and bigger than the bad area, and waterproof that AND use the gizmos.

If you need an ASAP kind of fix until the gizmos are ordered, buy a large tarp and cover the whole camper from end to end.

I live on a budgeted life. Don't be afraid of the looks, it's what you gotta do until all those golden pennies show up!!

Good luck!

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Nov 8, 2009
To minimize the chance of water running off the roof and between the SHWPUGs, take some wide strips of adhesive backed, heavy duty velcro and attach 3-4 6" pieces of the adhesive strip under the vertical end of the roof. Some also use staples. Put the corresponding pieces on the PUGS. Adding the velcro just about eliminates the PUGS moving out from undersneath the roof except in extreme winds.

Don't know the size of your bunkend beds but I'd get a bigger size of the PUGS if possible (say the Coleman king size beds if you have a queen.) If you keep the bungie cords snug, the PUGS should keep the tenting dry unless the wind is really bad.

Of course patching the area will provide even more piece of mind. You didn't give a description/pic of the tears but you might want to look at Tear Aid as a possible patch. No sewing involved. If it'll cover the area properly, it'll be a quick, easy fix. I've used it on nylon and vinyl and it works great. Lasts for years.


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Jun 8, 2013
Peterborough area, ON
I have the same thoughts as RotnMom.....if you really wanted to make due and go cheap cheap.
Duct Tape works wonders! Worth a shot, especially if you will eventually be getting rid of the canvas and getting it re-canvased in the future.


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Jul 17, 2012
Our canvas looks like a patchwork quilt. We like Gorilla Tape the best. We, as most, don't have the money to get new canvas right now. When we do have the money, it's this time of year, we have to send our canvas off to be measured, and I am not wanting to waste a whole season of camping to wait for it!


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Aug 20, 2011
I have to agree with the patch it and use SHWGizmos (which come with the fuzzy side of the Velcro already attached). I attached the Velcro to the inside of the roof, but here in the AZ heat the glue melted, I had to use some short self-tapping screws as well. I have been in driving rain and never had water under the gizmos. I am a big fan of duct or Gorilla tape for patching. We can all understand the need to conserve our financial resources without giving up our stress relievers. Besides the kids will probably get a kick out of camping. . . .


Jun 24, 2013
To All,

This is why I love this forum...been away too long. I love the conversation and free-think.

I ordered the PUGS / they had my measurements / expect them NLT Monday (said with a singing sound!!!)

I ordered the super high wind to get the rapping effect over the edges and the ends with the straps that go all the way around.

To address some of the comments from earlier:

I used the vinyl glue last season :), worked great! I sealed up two tubes of glue worth of 1/4" to 2" fractures in the canvas all over the tops of boths ends. That was one of the reasons the guy I got it from gave it to me for $1 (you can see our "$1 Camper face lift" in the mod forum...I think I give the name of the glue and showed a picture). Then, between our 2nd to last and last trip of the year (like August 1st till Nov 2) I had left the camper set up on my driveway because I started my MBA and was using it as a study shack. The UV killed the glue and actually made the cracks is like the glue was more reactive to the UV and heat and sinched apart harder. Additionally, in one particular corner (over Momma's head) that I had used a lot of glue...basically shreaded into long strips from the end up towards the roof when I set the camper up on that November trip. Luckily it didn't rain.

Anyway, I think I will use duct tape and then cover all of it with my PUGS. I will run this season like that and order new canvas at the end of the season on the plans to take a two-week trip next summer to Yellow Stone. With out two new children and medical stuff happening, I am bleeding, with six of us, I have to make sure this particular PUP fits the family over this season.

First trip is reserved to North Georgia on 3 APR for 3 nights so I will let you all know what I observe and how things work!

By the way, I loved the Customer Service at PUGS...I just wanted to give the guy a fee commercial on this forum. I felt like I was talking with an Uncle who was going to hook me up...that personable.


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
They are a radiant barrier material that is placed on top of the bunk end roofs to keep the PUP warmer inside when it is cold and cooler inside when it is warm. The company also has an interior bunk end liner product. HERE is their website. Here's a shot of my old Yuma in the desert with Gizmos on the roofs and Reflectix window inserts in place.



Jun 24, 2013
Hey all...just to follow-up for those who read this post:

So, I used the high-dollar, gorilla tape in white...a full 30 meters of it. This was good to both provide a UV/Water-proof-like material to cover the holes but also to reinforce the vinyl to prevent further tearing.

Take a look at the PUGS installed on my PUP at the site. I took the advice of adding velcro under the edge of my lid and on the top of the PUGS to ensure that I had a good water flow to the barrier.


You can see that the PUGS cover up all my nasty tape.

We had no serious rain on the trip (Thank Goodness), but didn't get to test the waterproofing.

BUT, we had two days of rain after setting it up on the driveway for cleaning. Observations:
-Water does get under the PUGS and therefore they can't be considered a separate roof.
-The combination of tape and PUGS did work to prevent leaks (except those locations that I missed [:D])
-PUGS do limit the amount of water that hits directly to the roof.

Summary: Taping holes combined with using the PUGS will provide adequate waterproofing IF you find your canvas is torn bad! I do believe that I can get through a full season with the tape and PUGS before replacing my canvas at the end of this season. I am still hesitant to invest new canvas on this PUP now that we have a family of six...we are not sure if this will be the right PUP going forward and may sell it for a new one rather than investing a $1,000 bucks into it. The canvas is tearing up quick in all other it is inevitable.

Thanks for all the input. It was extremely valuable and I hope that others find this useful.



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Oct 5, 2013
Pennypoppins - If no one replyed and you didn't figure it out:

PopupGizmos are a reflective barrier to install above your bed ends.
Supposedly this makes your popup COOLER in the Summer, and Slightly WARMER in the winter.

I do not yet have a set myself, but many here swear by them ESPECIALLY in the summer.

They are a reflective barrier NOT insulation.