HW trailer leveling


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Nov 26, 2013
i used a BAL on my single axle HW - would not want to carry around two of those. I now have a tandem axle hybrid and use the lego blocks. it really is not hard and does not take any real fuss. i can tell from the bubble how far off level we are and how many lego layers to go - we usually hit it right on the first try....though most times we are pretty level to start out with.....

J Starsky

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Aug 3, 2017
East Central MN
For my TT, I have cut leveling blocks out of green treated 2x12s. Now about 8 years old, I've done some repairs but they are holding up well.

I carry enough to stack 3 high on a tandem, so six inches offset. I've used each block I owned a few times, due to sloped parking in state parks. I'm considered one more level, but don't want to carry that many planks.


Jul 6, 2021
the bottle jack might work, but it might be better to use the jack to take the axle end up in order to put blocking under the axle (as I have done out of necessity, once).
Excellent Idea. Seems like carrying a bottle jack and blocks would be lighter and simpler than the bulky BAL. Dough!


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Jan 9, 2021
Long Island NY
I usually used the rubberized curve wedge, or a bal now (especially for camp driveway). I have legos, but mainly use them under the stabilizers. I figure if the ideal spot is completely wonky I may need a combination of legos and the wedge.


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May 31, 2018
I have a BAL for my single axle. It works fine, but I have always contemplated just using a small bottle jack. Wouldn't that be doable?
Unless it slips out. A bottle jack dosen't have a large foot print to distribute the weight, so it may be rocking back and forth as you move around. Like was said, maybe to lift it, and then use cribbing under it.