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Adventures with KODI in AZ
Jul 2, 2016
We’re noticing that some grocery and convenient stores are out of ice. I’m assuming the local ice companies are having issues keeping up their supplies. It’s a hit or miss at times. We’ve been lucky buying from water and ice stations. They just opened another W&I station nearby.

During our tenting and teardrop days, we used dry ice to keep food and drinks cold. But after camping in the Aliner and now the Kodiak, we’re spoiled having a fridge for our food. Ice is still needed for beer, wine, soda, tea and water. You know, the important stuff. Lol.

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Susan Premo

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Nov 5, 2020
Here's what we do to save on ice (we do not use a fridge when camping)
- freeze water in 1L and 4L milk jugs. This is also a source of nice cool water as it melts.
- use our ice maker at home to make ice for a few days ahead of time. We dump it into a garbage bag in the deep freeze as it's made
- take our ice maker with us if we have a powered site
- use 3 coolers for different applications 1) drinks cooler - gets opened and closed the most so ice melts the quickest. We plop a ziploc bag of cubes in it to add to drinks, plus a couple of 1L blocks of ice, and add ice while we camp as required. We pre chill the drinks as much as possible before packing this cooler, and dump cubes in on top of everything once it's packed. We almost always end up buying bags of ice to add to it 2) food cooler - has a small access hatch on the top so you don't have to open the whole lid. Prepared meals get packed in order of use (last on the bottom), things are in sealed glass dishes or ziploc freezer bags so they don’t get wet. Gets a 4L ice block plus a couple of 2L blocks in it, then if required while camping we buy ice for it. Keeping it wrapped in an emergency blanket (silver side out) helps to keep it cool. 3) Meat cooler – this is a little Playmate cooler that only gets frozen meat put into it and nothing else. No ice. This saves the food cooler from getting blood in it as the meat defrosts, and since it’s only opened once a day stuff stays frozen surprisingly long (5 days or so) if it’s stored out of the sun
At size is the playmate cooler? Is is deep but small? Could you post a photo? I'm hoping we have the one your talking about.


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Aug 23, 2019
New York State, Erie County
DW is a "Berkey Water Filter" devotee... until she got her a "Travel Berkey" we would freeze the Berkey water in clean, plastic milk [edit: Distilled Water] jugs which killed 2 birds with one stone...."ice" for the cooler and drinking water for her [we did bring a jug or two of un-frozen Berkey for her]... problem being, I couldn't freeze enough to last a whole week and still have room for food so, off to the store for
bag(s) of ice.

Like I said, now that she has her "Travel Berkey", I'm seriously considering a 12v Refrig/Freezer... we've got our Solar setup... problem solved

Happy Trails!
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Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
I probably should do blocks too. I remember my Mom washing out milk cartons to do that for the day-trip cooler. I have done jug ice-blocks and that way when it melts, you've got a water container. And I do have a purpose made ice container just for the cooler, will post photo and info later.

I'm mainly using cubed ice for cool-down of the coolers.
The milk flavor never washes away. I did it once on some recommendation. Never again. Did do it with some oj container. Much Betta

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
No, that's a new one for me. But we did put boiling water in a thermos with hot dogs before going to the lake so they would be ready for lunch.
Wonder bread bags were reserved to keep our feet dry in our sneakers when it rained. Didn't have boots as kids..

Patrick w

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Aug 13, 2021
Handled my ice problem just bought a BougeRv portable car freezer 30qt.
Come to the dark side... If you have space in your reg vehicle they are a hoot for bringing ice cream for the kiddies in the park on a hot summer day.