Is the middle of RV and PopUp city really camping?


The Campin' Cantus we reserve a lot of our SP spots this way. I love knowing when I 'check in' exactly where my spot is, how close i am to the beach, creek, bathroom, whatever.

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Jul 19, 2007
Belleville, IL
We prefer ACOE campgrounds. You can reserve them, pick your spot, etc. I also think that SP's differ from state to state, and park to park. We went about a month ago to check out some SP's in Missouri. We went to Meramec SP, and felt like it was very cramped - kind of disappointing. Drove down the road a bit to Onandaga Cave SP and liked it so much we went home and booked a weekend there. I'd say check out all the SP's that you're interested in - you may just like one better than another.

Good luck!

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Sep 11, 2008
Morris County, NJ
We have stayed at KOA while traveling cross country for a night here and there and they have been fairly decent.

Never been down south yet, though we are going to Myrtle Beach at the end of next week for 6 nights. We know it will be crowded, but we plan on enjoying it will friends that are coming down with us. The best part is cooking all that camp food!

We do mostly cross country camping. We enjoy being on the road for a few weeks. Our son is 12 now and we want him to see this country from driving around, not from a plane!

But then, there is nothing like stopping in the middle of nowhere and seeing the sights and hearing just nature. No planes, no cars, no trains. Just quiet!!!

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Apr 17, 2005
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We do most of our camping in Indiana and Michigan State Parks. There is a lot of difference. Most (but not all) of the Michigan parks have smaller sites and many are quite sandy too. But they also have a lot of shade at many of them.

Indiana tends to have larger sites than Michigan and most have gravel pads - which keeps the majority of the sites grassy.

Both states allow you to reserve specific sites. It's not unusual to see people hiking around the CG marking preferred sites on a map for future visits.

We want electric hook up, plus access to water and a dump station. So that puts us into closer contact with our neighbors.

I think some earlier posts said it well. Camping can be defined a lot of different ways. The best bet is know your preferred style and seek out CG's that meet your objectives.

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Mar 7, 2009
I have to agree. We went tent camping last year in late September at our local State park. We got there on Thursday, then on Friday afternoon the place started filling up with people, we were packed in there like sardines. Then the people who were driving through the camp area were driving fast and that was making me crazy with the kids riding around on their bikes. I was sure we were going to be making a trip to the ER before the weekend was over. On Sunday it look like a ghost town before noon.


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Mar 27, 2007
In my book, 'Camping' is anything that gets me out of the house and under canvas (or stars) and away from the typical urban rush of work/school/ housework/ yardwork type demands.

It's just a matter of degree -
I've enjoyed 'survivial' type winter campouts with BoyScouts, Many canoe trips and a sleeping bag on the sand, Tent camping, bicycle camping, car camping, Canadian Wilderness treks, Camping at Scout camp in a platform tent for a week or the whole summer, and of course, Pop-up camping, with or without amenities.

Sometimes the goal is simply to visit friends, and the camper is cheaper (and more homey) than a hotel. Sometimes I'm looking for a place that has entertainment opportunities for kids, or maybe we go for the scenery or historical significance, or simply to get away from the phone, TV, electronics, etc. Sometimes I want to commune with nature and be alone, and other times I want to be with a crowd....

To me, ALL types of camping have their niche, and their purpose. A few may not appeal to me as much as others, and I haven't found one yet that can meet ALL my wants in the same place. (the southern Wisconsin River comes close - but the PUP doesn't float... Maybe I can turn it into a 'duck' like Wisconsin Dells has? LOL!)

Because of my job, and budget, I'm limited to places I can reach within a day or weekend - I don't take week-long trips, I don't have the vacation time or money. I have noticed that different regions and state have different takes on how thier campgrounds work. I prefer the state parks in Wisconsin - you can reserve a specific site up to a year in advance, thru an online reservation system. Illinois parks have reservations, but you have to MAIL them in. (which seems dated and tedious to me - I like technology for some things!) But in these states, as far as I can find out, there is no 'public' land to boondock - anywhere, and I would like to try that. Also, the parks are so popular, that I would NEVER take a chance on just driving out for a weekend and be assured of having a campsite. I would very likely end up sleeping in the car. (and Wal-Marts don't like PUPs, just full sized campers) Each State park DOES have a section of first-come, first-served sites, but these get filed by locals and squatters before I can get there. Even the private campgrounds are booked way in advance and not likely to have openings. (and they are much more 'packed' and expensive with all their pools and game rooms, too)

Other areas of the country don't take reservatins at all, or will take reservations, but not for a particular site. Some areas have a lot of 'boondocking' - where as long as you are a certan distance off the road, you can camp anywhere on park lands. I'd like to try this sometime - but again, it's not available in my ares of the midwest.

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