Kayak transport

Coulter Wood

Sep 27, 2018
Here is my problem. I cannot put my fishing kayak on the roof of my TV because it is a Chevy Colorado with only a 5 ft bed. In order to haul my 12 ft kayak I would have to use a bed extender. I cannot use a bed extender if I'm hauling my camper. Do I really need to purchase a $400 rack for the top of my pop-up or can I just lay it on pool noodles flat on the top of it and strap it down. When I flip the kayak over it is flat and only ways about 90 lb.
Crossbars on my vehicle are only 29" apart. I bet you could get that distance on the roof of your Colorado. Granted, it'll still run you about that same $400 to get that all installed. I just so prefer putting that weight on my TV vs my PUP.


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Jan 1, 2022
Chico, CA
Maybe something along this line would work in the bed of your truck. It’s a tough call. Spend on a truck rack or put something together to carry it on your trailer and hope you don’t have to do roof work later on.