Lake Griffin State Park


Oct 2, 2015
Lakeland, FL
We stayed at Lake Griffin State Park from 2/25/23 through 2/27/23, LG loop, spot 14. This was our first camping trip in the Rockwood (maybe post about that later) and our first trip with our Grandson. Normally for a weekend getaway, we don't travel far from Lakeland, but - right after getting the new camper we had an illness in the family that ended badly, and booking trips wasn't in the front of our minds.

The spot was the perfect size for the pup, and very level. Hard-packed sand/pebbles. Very sunny. The power was clean, water pressure was good. Regardless of where you stay, the bathrooms are not really close to the sights, even the Handicap sites (DW is disabled). Entry to the bathrooms requires a key code. Although the roads are not paved, it was still easy to push the stroller around the campground with a 7-month-old, and enough nature to capture his attention. There is a lot of traffic noise, which many others have commented on, all through the night; multiple accidents occurred (sirens, sounds of crashes) including the day we arrived where right near the entrance there was multiple car collision that had airlifts and fatalities. The traffic noise distracted us from peaceful sleeping, not sure if a different site would have helped given how overall LOUD it was.

Overall, a nice park with good trails and great staff, spoiled by the traffic noise from the surrounding area. With our late arrival (due to the accident out front) and some issues with the new camper, we didn't have a lot of time to explore, with the distance to the Bathhouse and noise it will likely not be a park we visit again.