Lake Wissota State Park Chippewa Falls Wisconsin

Unkle Spike

Mar 29, 2015
Nice private campground, pretty wooded most sites for privacy, there are some in pine plantations if you prefer a more open campsite. A bit of a walk to the beach from the campsites. Nice hiking trails, friendly staff.

Shower buildings are adequate, nothing fancy, they get the job done. There are electric sites, but as with most of the Wisconsin State Parks, they have no water on the sites, there is a fill for potable water at the sanitary dump.

Thox Spuddy

Active Member
Apr 24, 2011
It isn't a private campground, it is a state park. In 2018 the facilities are getting pretty run down; shower doors don't latch, pushbutton spray nozzles that last 12 seconds, incredibly smelly bathhouse and the beach area always has someone walking their dog there despite the 'no pets on beach or picnic area' sign. It is a beautiful vicinity but after 3 visits over several years with similar experiences, it is off our destination list.


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Oct 7, 2013
Its sad but true. Its a nice area but it needs some help these days. We go to Coon Fork when we need a local campground, very well maintained.