Lord Selkirk Provincial Park/ Canadian abbreviations


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Jul 30, 2013
My family and I go to PEI every year, we usually rent a cottage, but this year we were thinking of bringing the pop up and camping. Lord Selkirk Provincial Park is the closest to where we want to be, has anyone camped there? Thoughts?

Also, not to sound dumb but the website says:

U - 21 u. Daily $26-28.

2w - 54 2w. Daily $30-32.

Can you tell me what this means in relation to hookups?

Thank You!

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Apr 15, 2010
Just guessing but U-21 probably means 21 un serviced sites and 2w 54 probably means 54 serviced sites. 2w may mean water and electric.


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Oct 2, 2003
Limoges, Ontario
Just below where you are reading this you will see a PDF link to a map of the park. On there it is marked sites 1 to 21 are unserviced and sites 22 to 76 are 2 way hook up.