Lynx block bundle for dirt cheap $25 on Amazon (10 leveling blocks, 4 caps, 2 chocks)


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Jul 30, 2014
Amazon has a Lynx bundle at a crazy low price again. I’m not sure if it’s a huge sale or a glitch but you get a 10 pack of the levelers, 4 caps, and 2 chocks, all for only $25, less than the cost of the levelers alone. I got this several years ago for $19 and just saved the bundle in a wish list and noticed today it was back really cheap again.

The chocks are awesome if you use the Lynx for leveling. They lock into the legos so it’s super solid and safe. I use a Camco curved leveler now but picked up an extra bundle to keep around for the stabilizers on crazy sites or if I need more lift.

Tri-Lynx Lynx Levelers, Cap and Wheel Chock Bundle



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Dec 22, 2002
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WOW! That is a GREAT DEAL.

I have 2 sets of blocks (20 blocks), 2 sets of pads (8 pads) and 1 set of chocks (2 chocks). So, I'm all set on these but I highly recommend Lynx.


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Mar 15, 2013
I put 40,000 miles on my Aliner and tried various devices. I started with a Bal Leveler but ended up with Lynx chocks and they worked very well.


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Dec 26, 2009
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Thanks for the heads-up. We have 4 sets, plus caps and chocks, but this is a great deal, so I bought one It's really time for us to start weeding out the oldest/more weather exposed ones. Some of ours are 11 years old. We now keep 5 stacks of 5 blocks + cap under the trailer year-round, so that's a lot of UV and weather exposure.We'll have an extra set of chocks, but that's OK.

[With the slope to the street, where there's a gutter, and a cross slope too, we need a stack under the tongue jack for clearance to hitch/unhitch. We keep a stack under each stabilizer, they just work better in our funky driveway, for one thing, we didn't buy new, longer stabs when we had the trailer raised a couple of inches more than the factory lift.]
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