MA-Beartown State Forest


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Jan 7, 2007
Western MA
Located in the Southwestern part of Mass, Beartown S.F. is the only S.P that allows camping year round in this end of the state. Luckily for us it is only 15 minutes away. It is a beautiful park with primitive camping and only 12 sites, 4 of which can fit a small trailer. There is a sandy beach with modern bathrooms(no showers) and lots of bike riding and hiking plus canoeing/kayaking on a non-motorized lake. We finished our season there last year and have gone twice so far this season while we wait for the rest of the local SP's open in mid May.
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For Pup sites I would recommend 6,1,3 & 4 in that order. For hiking I would recommend the Pond Loop trail and the Nature walk Trail, on this trail we saw a ruffled Grouse, Beaver, a Blue Heron, Salamanders and a Turkey all within a hour walk
Pond Loop trail
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Here are some pictures from the fall trip
Site 1-
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and Benedict pond <img src="" border=0>

More photos to see in the Beartown Album in my photo collection- Enjoy.


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May 1, 2013
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It looks like I need to run up near Northampton this sunday to pick up some Jeep parts, thinking about dragging the pup up. Considering this review is 10 years old, would any locals have any add'l input? Are there better state forests nearby that would also be dispersed and small pup friendly?

Wish the OP's pics still worked, but good tips on the site preferences.