MA - Ellis Haven Family Campground


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Jun 17, 2014
Raynham, MA
We Stayed 8/4 to 8/6. We were in T111.

Location: Plymouth MA. About 15 minutes inland, so your between 15 and 20 minutes from the ocean.

Features: Resort Campground. Lots of activities for children. Big Pond with a beach for swimming. Onsite sports bar, and ice cream stand.

Atmosphere: Lot's of sites crammed into a small spot. Most of it is forested, but there are a few "parking lot" type loops with no tree. Probably about 70% seasonal campers, but they are off to themselves.

Campsite Amenities: We had a Electric (30amp) / Water / Cable site. They have Sewer, and 50 amp sites as well.

Off site Amenities: Huge shopping center within 10 minutes with around 10 or so sit down restaurants, movie theatre, etc.

Mix: I was shocked at the number of Popups I saw, and a good number of tents. Probably around 10 tents, and around 30 Popups. (There was 4 in my loop alone) Beyond that, the remaining 360 (out of 400) campers were Travel Trailers, and 5th wheels. A few motorhomes, but I feel there were more Popups than Motorhomes.

Park seemed at capacity when I went.

Bathroom review: The bathroom rooms were one step above primitive. They looked old. They were clean, and cleaned on a regular basis, but something about painted plywood and cinder block doesn't scream "up to date" to me. The showers were $.50 cents for an 8 minute shower. the stalls did not go above my chest, and my wife said the same for the women's shower. My thought is that the primary customer (the target demographic) is bringing it's own bathroom with it. The bathroom's were fairly evenly spaced. I don't think anyone would feel they need to drive to it.

Dump Stations: There are 4 or 5 scatter throughout the park, with a really nice rinser device. Never saw a line for it even at checkout time.

Overall impression:
  • The beach was nice, yet crowded. We were fighting for a piece of sand about 11am in the morning. Park was at capacity, and it was 3 days of 90plus heat, and 90plus humidity.
  • The activities were great, real plus there. My kids had a blast with the organized activities.
  • This was my first experience with seasonal campers, some of them had added permanent rooms onto they campers, making it clear that the travel trailers were never going to move again. (They even had post office boxes for rent, so I imagine it's a real blurry line between trailer park and campground)
  • Rules were ridgely enforced. Quiet hours began at 11pm. At 11:01pm, security was in the campsite beside us telling them they are too loud, (They were OBNOXIOUSLY loud) and if they came back, they would eject them from the campground.
  • The campground layout is a bit confusing. Roads that aren't on maps, Sites have a letter, a number, and a color. My wife got lost coming back from the bathroom. It appears they started with a small campground, and just kept adding sections as they got larger.
  • Plymouth Airport is borders the campground. It's a busy small airport. Planes taking off and landing all day, and some at night. (As late as 11pm). This was a bonus as well, as they have a diner onsite at the airport where you can watch the planes while you eat. Worth the trip.
We probably won't go back. It's a "resort" type of campground, and it was our first time at one. We wanted to try one, and we've discovered we like the primitive State parks better than Resorts.

Campground URL:

Camp Map: (The Blue numbered section is the NON-seasonal rentals)


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Thanks for sharing the review. I agree with you I prefer State parks being a member of the Fl branch of the old farts club I get to camp in Fl State Parks for 1/2 price. (62, and up,military Handicap etc )) State parks are usually quieter too especially during the week, which is when we go. Most Fl State parks are pet friendly
We even took a bottle baby goat once and it was the hit of the CG, all the kids wanted to pet it
and DW let a couple of them feed the baby, (farm animals are supposed to be a no no, but no one complained and even the CG hosts and volunteers came by to pet the baby) Most Fl parks are laid back. I have also camped in SP in Ga, Al., and they are about the same. Also Corp of Engineers has some great CG's too.
Good Luck and Keep on Camping


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Aug 8, 2013
Thanks for the review. I have camped enough to realize that judging a campground at full capacity is not fair as that happens what 10 days a year and any improvement done for that is expensive .

Even though we have a shower in my TT we use the bathrooms in the campgrounds. I am 6 2/225 lb and too big for my camper shower. My kids and Wife too go to the public showers so its important to us. My youngest son sometimes gets washed in the tub .any campground in south eastern mass is crowded. land is very expensive and camping now is a very hot hobby.

I just came back after a week in bourne scenic park private campground and we did a few weeks back at the successet beach state park.I think its not fair to compare both even though they are right next to each other. My kids had a ball on the jumpy pillow , 2 big playgrounds , 2 pools and activities all day even on week days. the state park was quiet , we went to the beech and just enjoyed . Even though both were onthe same bike path the private one was near to everything so i rode my to restaurant and shopping with kids . the state park is quite a bit remote and you needed a car to get out of the park for dinner . Completely 2 different experience and we loved both.