Making frozen waffles edible?


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Jan 30, 2021
Personally I avoid anything as sticky like pancake syrup when camping. Especially since we have to heat any dish water on the stove to clean up after meals. But then we also didn't spawn, so we don't have to worry about feeding picky eaters. ;-)


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Jul 30, 2019
My kid insist on maple syrup (not breakfast syrup). No way is that going in my trailer. So waffles stay home.

What about starting with BETTER waffles? Trader Joe's has (or used to) frozen Belgian waffles. Much better than Eggo style. Or make your own and refrigerate them to reheat. Might work. Experiment and report back!

I second this. Belgian waffles are 100x better than the thin eggo waffles. I’ve also premade my own waffles at home and froze them and they’re about 90% as good as fresh made.


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Cleanup isn't a problem even with syrup. We wipe the plates down with paper towels, then wash/rinse them in the sink. Most of the syrup is removed with the dry-wipe.
We don't have hot water either, but heating up a kettle of water on the stove takes only a few minutes.

Moody Walters

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May 1, 2021
Sometimes my 15 yo and I need a quick, filling,, no major cleanup camp breakfast. Frozen waffles work for us. Things I've put on toasted waffles:
Peanut butter
Peanut butter and jelly
Blueberries (wedged into each tiny square)
Nutella and blueberries
Fresh berries piled on top
Yogurt and berries
Yogurt and fresh peaches
Peanut butter and bananas
Yogurt and bananas
Butter and cinnamon
Butter, cinnamon and raisins
Peanut butter and raisins

Now im hungry for cinnamon waffles lol.
The Bubba Gump of Waffles lol


Apr 12, 2021
Upstate NY
If cooking on a griddle or frying pan it helps to cover frozen waffles for a few min until hot then pull cover and "toast" helps avoid the dry crumblies, also works with stale donuts!. And if heating them on a campfire, wrap a stack in foil and toss near the fire. Remember to turn them so one side dosent burn. It helps to put them in a halflap stack like so
"/ / / / /"

Nancy Deak

May 6, 2019
I use a pancake mix or Bisquik and make them fresh. It really doesn’t take much time (unless you are making a really large quantity). They taste great.

I have a great stovetop waffle maker which I loved until it disappeared 3-4 years ago. DH swore I threw it out after he melted plastic all over it. I remember cleaning it but thought it had been put with the camping gear. Searched high and low and gave up. However, when we moved this summer, it magically appeared. DH won’t tell me where he found it. . .


Jun 27, 2021
SW Ohio
I wonder if a pie iron might work? I feel like a good bit of butter then cooking it in the pie iron might give you the the crispy on the outside effect of home toaster.