Manual Dinette Slideout Problems


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Aug 17, 2015
Hi all,

2005 Starcraft 3606 Popup w/ Manual Dinette Slideout - Problems due to Roller Posts Detached from Nylon Rollers and binding inside the rails

We went for our first camping outing for the year this season and our manual dinette slideout was a challenge this trip. We have had the camper about 5 years with no issue with the dinette sliding out. But... now we have an issue and the dinette is not sliding out well at all. Huz investigated and we are having issues with the steel roller posts getting detached and binding.

We have another trip planned around the corner and no time to get it into a dealer to look a (plus not wanting to invest more in this camper)...

Anyone have experience with a DIY fix to make the dinette slide out much easier? I plan to contact Starcraft (not expecting much help though on a nearly 20 year old popup) but would appreciate any ideas or advice in order to fix this issue...

Worst case scenario we deal with this issue this summer and call it quits after...

We live in SE Michigan area btw...

Thanks much!!

Jeen Bean