May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?

Sep 25, 2021
Well apparently in our house 'working on' the pop up actually means 'paying someone else to work on' the pop up. I was all gung ho to get our new canvas on but wasn't about to do it by myself as my wrists have super bad arthritis, plus I can't see how it isn't a 2 person job anyway, but hubby wussed totally out and decided to pay someone else to do it, and also for them to inspect the roof, reseal the seams, and replace the emergency brake cable. Oh well, more time for me to spend on here or in the garden I guess. *I* am taking care of the new curtains though. We should just need them for the bunk ends, as the new Bear creek canvas from what I gather has canvas flaps to zip up instead of curtains, on the side walls. So if anyone can post what they did for hanging bunk end curtains please do :)


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Feb 7, 2013
Anchorage, AK
With the rig home, I DID finally install the Road Armor equalizers. I had to go to our local trailer shop for some new shackle bolts since mine had some wear on them. Even spring for wet bolts... at least for the equalizer mount to the frame. So that's done.


Right now, the trailing tires are being replaced at the tire shop... they needed it considering the time we spend traveling gravel roads. We're also intending to go up the Haul Road for a trip to the Arctic Circle this summer, so fresh tires help there.

Also been making things to help organize. I needed a battery organizer that fit in the drawers so I made one:


I also needed a way to store aluminum foil and parchment paper in the rig without it just flopping about in the cabinet, so I made this cubby for the under-sink cabinet.


Also added a shelf to the over-fridge cabinet to make better use of the space:


Next up is the water system. Seems like it is close to being done going below freezing at night, it was 36F this morning for the fifth day in a row, so have to sanitize and flush out the pink. Probably run some Caravan in the black tank to have operational sensors for the first two trips of the season, then go back to permanent "2/3 Full" mode... like always.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
I'm getting more things into the trailer, we leave in the morning. I looked at the weather forecasts for where we'll be over the next 2 weeks, things may change by the time we're there, but lows look to range from the low 30s into the mid-40s, with highs in the 60s-70s, with some high wind days. We've been in the same areas, same time of year, and had everything from snow to roasting.
We probably won't set up an outside cooking area for the first week, no place to setup the shade/rain shelter, even if we dared to do so with the wind predictions. If we reserved the site we think we did, it's all concrete, several of the ones on that loop are that way - not handicapped only, but accessible. (& I suspect, it was easier to do those sites that way, instead of keeping gravel leveled and in place.) US Forest Service campground, the map and site descriptions on the reservations service don't quite match with our memory, it's been 6 or 7 years since we camped there.
We'll use the shelter at Grand Canyon, since we'll be using it for our sitting area to visit with our friends, the campsite isn't as exposed there as our first one. I'll pack our smaller/lighter tables so we can move things around as needed. I'm hoping to set up the outside cooking area there.
It looks like caulking the seam on the black tank valve assembly has done the trick, no more drips.


Apr 3, 2021
Getting ready for our first trip out. Going fishing from near Casper Wyoming down to Laramie and into northern Colorado. Hope weather forecast remains warm. Snow just melted in most places. And since finally above morning freezes here, I sanitized the water tank and found I had a leak. After many soaked towels found it to be the new faucet put on at the end of the season last fall (and untested since winterized). It has shorter threaded brass piping which is causing the issue. Our neighbor is helping fix the issues created since he's better at plumbing and loves challenges.

Will be fun to test out the new half umbrella over the door set up.

All boondocking for about 4 days. Planning menu. Lots of meals will be from all the pressure canned meat meals I've started canning this year.

RV Satman

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Nov 2, 2015
Trinity, NC
PUP was still up on jackstands, middle of April, so, I inspected and repacked wheel bearings before setting it down. I opened it up checked for any signs of leaks, none. Checked for any pests, We have a problem with mice here but no sign of them in anything that I use Cab-Fresh ( boat, PUP, and classic car). Highly recommend Cab-Fresh. I did find a corner over the front bed where the canvas was coming apart. Previous owner had used a regular desk/paper stapler to mend. I stitched it back together properly though I did break 3 needles pushing them through 5 layers of material.

Shake Down trip:
I always take a short trip, 3 days, less than 100 miles, beginning of the season. Just in case of ol' Murphy. Short, but extreme storm, first evening. I found I had missed sealing some of the old stich holes in the corner above bed. Big towel saved the day, and my sleeping bag.

Tried out the fridge on propane power for the first time. I had only used it with Shore Power before. WOW! Just as cold if not colder. The more I use and learn about this PUP, the more I love it. Not bad for a 24+ year old trailer. Especially considering I've only got $1600 into it (paid $1000 + some repairs/mods).

After this trip, one additional mod I'll be adding in the next couple of weeks. While I've already installed a 450 watt Inverter, I'll be adding a 12 vdc adapter plug. Less battery power to charge phone and wife's tablet.

One last note: anyone around the Piedmont Triad area who needs help with repairs/Mods, send me a note. Especially old Colemans. I do it as a hobby and will be happy to show you how to DYI.


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Adventures with KODI in AZ
Jul 2, 2016
DH installed a new power converter to replace the original WF8735P. We have a lithium battery. Although the original WF8735P will work with the lithium. It doesn’t charge our lithium when hooked up to Shore Power or the Honda EU2200i & EU2000i. The charge on our lithium battery lasts above 70% on trips but DH wanted a converter that will also charge the lithium when camping instead of charging it separately at camp.

The new power converter by Progress Dynamics PD4135K, RV Power Control Center with AC/DC Panel and Converter/Smart Charger 35AMP will now charge our lithium when hooked up to Shore Power or the Honda’s.

It’s a tough install because of the birds nest of wires to deal with. Staff at the manufacturer for Dutchmen shoved the wires all over. No wire ties or any type of organization was used. DH sorted through the mess, added wire ties, wire clips, labels and organized them when installing the new PD4135K.

DH fixed a drawer that housed our foldable silicone dish rack, table cloth, foldable silicone dish tub and serving platters. Nothing heavy was stored. The bottom was coming off the groove.

DH also fixed a shelf on his bedside. He accidentally had too much weight on it and it needed to be reinforced.

DH installed a new motor for the passenger side window on the Titan. It was moving up/down like molasses. We are still waiting for our new tires to be installed on the Titan. Our appointment is next Saturday.
Happy Camping…[put&hy]


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Jan 30, 2021
I shifted my gas grill and the grill gazebo back about a foot so it's easier to get the trailer on, and off of the patio where I've been storing it during the winter.


Feb 19, 2013
Anthem, AZ
Working on the roof this weekend. New corner caps and coating with Dicor for aluminum roofs.


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Bullfrog Bheer

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Feb 19, 2010
Central Wisconsin
Yesterday, got it out of storage. Took the original Evolution III canvas off. Cleaned all the bed rails and canvas mounting tracks. With the canvas removed, completely hosed the bed tracks, rails and rollers with dry silicone spray. Today we installed the new canvas from Bear Creek Canvas. Went like a dream. It certainly could have been a PITA, but with three us us working it went smooth and only took 2 hours to get the new canvas installed.


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Feb 7, 2013
Anchorage, AK
I'm really quite tired of prepping the rig and I want to get camping!

I got the tires squared away, topped off the LP tanks, put the food and spices back in, got the water system sanitized and flushed. I ran a thing of Caravan through the black tank, but it came out almost crystal clear, so I doubt there was much to clean in there. Maybe the sensors will work, but if not, who cares really.

Everything is lubed. I need to wash the storage dirt off it, but really don't feel like it. Luckily I did bug removal before putting it in storage, so it's just a regular wash.

Ugh, ok, I will go wash the shady side now, jeesh! Get off my back, would ya?:wink:

Here I go... not drinking a gin and tonic... but that's not a bad idea!


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Jun 5, 2014
Franklin, MA
I filled the fresh tank with bleach/water and flushed it into the lines. Letting it sit over night.
I flushed my black tank and put in a bit of blue.
I updated the firmware on my LED strip controller to change default brightness and color temperature when I first turn them on.
I did a little rewiring on the tank level alarm display. I was getting some noise on the LED control wire causing some odd flickering. The display reads tank level data from my SeeLevel 709-RVC and lights alarm LEDs when things are getting too full or empty.


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Feb 21, 2019
Pulled it into the driveway from the side yard (winter storage spot) and opened it up. Glad to see no leaks or evidence of mice.

Rob Roy

Sep 9, 2019
The black tank drain is leaking again at the seam where the valve is. This is what we had the shop replace in January, and then repair last in March or April. It had not leaked again until mid-afternoon today, after dumping it yesterday. Not very happy, since we had the shop do the replacement, to avoid issues friends had with leaking afterwards when they did it themselves - maybe it isn't all that uncommon. It has always been a slow drip. We cleaned it all with alcohol and have put silicone cualk on the seam, we can see where the leak muse be. That slowed it to a really slow drip. We'll probably add another layer, when it isn't as hot, it's right in the afternoon sun, so the silicon may be heeding gravity while soft as much as not working.
Finished packing food in the fridge and freezer, so just will have last minute things to add, as well as set food from the freezer to the fridge for the weekend, so we can reheat our meals. We have very little left to do for the trip itself, just keeping track of the last minute things. Oil change on the truck Wednesday.
Try Flex Seal on the joint as a temporary measure to eliminate the leak. Silicon on plastic doesn't seem to hold that well in my experience. Good Luck and Enjoy the trip!!

Anthony Hitchings

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Mar 2, 2019
Oakland, California
I've read so many things about filling fridge. Ours has come open once when traveling, and some have said not to pack the fridge, but still turn it on a day before so to get cold. Then put a frozen gallon water jug in to help it keep cold. It's a hassle to have to fill a cooler and move everything to fridge at campsite.

I got one of those power tongue jacks you'd mentioned in a March post and our hitch has 2 holes it has to go through. The bottom hole ends up being smaller than the upper so now we're going to have to file it larger. Too late to return it.

Yesterday we attached an umbrella stand made for deck railings and got a Half Umbrella to go over our trailer door entrance.

Had a rubber piece come off our Aframe roof this winter, so got glue in the mail yesterday to reattach it. When the Aframe closes it butts up right where the top overlaps the other roof - probably so no water can run under. The snow must have pulled it off.

Our first trip will be on the 13th. Can't dewinterize or sterilize the water tank yet since we still get some cold nights. What is the lowest it could go and be ok?

Been pressure canning meats and meals. Started in March. Everything tastes awesome. So planning meals with my home canned stuff.
re the smaller lower hole, I used a cylindrical grinding stone, chucked into my Ryobi drill, and I did this on vacation