Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park


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Mar 21, 2019
Southwest Tennessee
Here's a campground layout map for the park.

Shelby Forest.JPG

We have camped at this park twice in the last year, at sites 18 and 13. There have been a lot of downed trees this last visit - mostly sweet gum - and the camping area could use some upkeep and maintenance.
Our parking pad at 13 was deteriorating asphalt, and all the sites seemed to have about the same or a little better pads. Water and 20/30/50 electric are available, and there's a dump station on the in/out road. We've nicknamed the park "Mosquitoville!" There have been a lot of flies and mosquitos both times we camped, but not at every site.
Overall we like the park as a close-by site to shake down our equipment at the season start; however there are not many family oriented things to do on the property. There is a playground with play equipment in the campsite but I didn't get any photos of it.