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Jan 9, 2021
Long Island NY
Member status now seems to carry a new tier of Super Active, or I’m just slow in noticing it?? What other goodies have you enacted?


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Apr 24, 2017
Maplewood, MN
I have just discovered that I am also a "Super Active Member"! I think there should be subgroups of "Super Active Member"!

Suggested subgroups:

Greeter Super Active Members - Only reply to new members first post such as, "Newbie here!". (Hello and welcome from Minnesota!)

Topical Super Active Members - Only reply to specific topics such as "Why does my battery always die while in storage?" (Parasitic draw!)

ADHD Super Active Members - Members with replies that are all over the place. Such as answering the question "Should I level my pup before lifting the roof?" with "You need a bigger tow vehicle and solar panels will help".

Grumpy Super Active Members - Only replies to posts that anger them. Such as - "Can I tow my High Wall with my Mini Cooper?" or "Are my cracking 12 year old tires unsafe even if they still have tread?" or "Can I run my AC on my battery?" or "Should I fry bacon near grizzly bears?".

Crazy Super Active Members - Posts crazy threads with embarrassing topics such as "POOP IN THE PUP! (A Truly Crappy Thread)"

@PopUpSteve, you need to think seriously about subgroups. ;)
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Aug 5, 2010
Near Elmira, Southern Ontario
At one time, before the change over, it was Eagle camper etc. I kind of miss that way of classifying the status.
This from a post of mine back in Feb of this year.
"One thing I would like to see come back is the names we were given as according to number of posts we made. I made this request about a year and a half ago, and Steve thought it was a good idea to bring these names back. So now we have the opportunity to do it during a swap over to a new look. There were camping names (usually Scouting in nature) given for amount of activity and effort you put into making this a great place to be. 50, 100, 500, 1000, 2000,...... posts would climb you up the ladder. I would still like to see those names come back. I still have my 5 star Eagle camper in my profile description, but I should have a much higher rank than that by now."

I would like to see the 'Scouting/Camping' type of names come back. Whats with 'Super Active Member'? Means nothing. We need to keep things camping related here. This isn't just a place to make posts and try and get your numbers higher, this is the 'Portal' for all things camping. Also, my designation didn't change below my name, but thats ok, I don't think I want to be called a 'Super Active Member'. I want to be called something better than that.
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