Modification: Built-in Kennels?


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Mar 30, 2022
Winnipeg, MB
Hey folks, anyone here do built-in crate modifications to their PUP?

At field trials, many guys have custom built dog trailers with climate controls etc. Not sure how I feel about the dogs traveling in the PUP with outside doors built, but at the very least, I'd like to ditch their crates inside the PUP and have built-in ones for night time.

Yes, they could sleep with us (and sometime do), but they are furnaces and can make a person uncomfortably hot at night lol.

If you'd done modifications for built-in crates, post 'em up here!

(these dogs are 53lbs and 67lbs respectively, and we also have one of my male pups now that will also be trialing with us once he's grown and trained)


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
What popup do you have? The floor plan may effect how you could build in dog crates. I've seen some variations done in travel trailers, build under the bed end (not likely in a popup) or using the dinette bench, which would probably not be large enough for your dogs. IN a popup, if it's one of the larger ones, with multiple seating areas, you could sacrifice one for crates, or if you cook outside, all or part of the galley area.
I would not have the dogs travel in the popup, for a lot of reasons.
We don't have dogs, so aren't doing permanent alterations for trips with my friend when when brings her small dog along.The good news is that her crate just fits in the entryway, but the door. A bit in the way, but we can work around it. She's trained to sleep in her crate, be there when left alone (not likely in the travel trailer). She rides on the backseat with a safety harness.


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May 29, 2016
Mt. Wachusett area, MA
For two people, the solution was to have the dogs sleep where the 'other' bed is located. We've since downsized to one, a terrier, so our multiple dog, hundred pounds 'o hounds problem has abated. Nights: We have a folding kennel that, by sheer luck, fits exactly on one bench seat of the two seat side dinette. She sleeps in that while we're in the big bed. Days: she's as content on a mat outdoors as on that mat under the large table/bed.
I'd be reluctant to modify the camper to fit a crate. Specifying a crate to fit the camper is less invasive, less intrusive, less expensive.


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Oct 20, 2014
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I considered it for the Aliner, (Only for use at the campsite or event location, not as a makeshift dog trailer.) Ultimately decided that just using crates was a better idea for our style of travel. We just removed a mattress & put the crates on the bed platform.

Then I discovered how well my dogs took to the trailer. Soon we just threw the dog beds on the platform & left crates in the van. If I’d a canvas pup, instead of hardwall, I’d have continued using the crates in the camper.

Will note that my dogs were all large to x-large. Their crates took up a lot of room. Those had to be either folded or removed to close the trailer. Any built in crates would have been at least counter height & taken up for floor space equal to a dinette. It just wasn’t reasonable for us to do that. Having smaller dogs would have made it easier. But for the sake of flexibility, I think I still would have opted to use crates rather than a built in set up.


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Oct 10, 2013
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Probably won't work with your dogs, but I saw on Pinterest where someone converted their bench seat into a kennel. Honestly it looked like they took the existing wires and door from a plastic crate and modified the bench seat to accommodate using the door and vents from the crate. Not in a camper but a dog rescue friend made like a very LONG crate along the wall of her home. The top was essentially a freestanding counter top. She used an existing wire crate dismantled to add doors and bars to cover the front with a few sections out of wood for support. If your dogs are not taller than the popup walls perhaps a huge modification of something similar to that. For me though it's just easier to bring wire crates with me or rather kept in the camper. When in use the crates go on either my couch in bed mode or my table in bed mode. A lot does depend on your camper layout and more than likely be willing to give up something to accommodate.


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Mar 30, 2022
Winnipeg, MB
What popup do you have? The floor plan may effect how you could build in dog crates.

My dogs travel crated typically. Though I am toying with building something on to my trailer that is secure / durable. Lot of guys have custom built dog trailers / boxes.

I have a 2002 Bonair Oh!Zone ... 12ft box with dinette slide. Under the dinette seats might be too small. Can't put them under the beds since those stick out past the box. I have considered reconstructing the cabinets on the sidewall with the door. I'm already going to be removing the sink and fresh water tank in that process, reclaiming some space back. I've also considered removing the fridge since we rarely use it.

I'm going to be doing some work this weekend on the camper possibly, and will be taking a closer look at it all.