Mt, Rainbow Point, West Yellowstone


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Feb 1, 2010
We are heading from Florida to Yellowstone in June. We have set up Rainbow Pointe, West a base
while visiting. I could not find any info concerning whether you are allowed dogs on
their website, but did find info when I googled in indicating dogs were ok. We went ahead and
set up reservations. Couple of questions, Does anyone know if dogs are acceptable? Is this a
good choice to set up base whild visiting Yellowstone. I thought about staying in the Park itself,
but there are very very campsites with electric, especially with a PUP. Wife can not stand a catalytic
heater in case it gets cold. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have booked 6 days there.
Looking forward to school being out and getting started. Thanks John


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Apr 2, 2007
Apopka, Fl
Dont know about the dog thing but I can tell you west yellowstone is a great base camp area. Please keep us updated about your trip in detail. I too am from Florida and would like to know your route and time frame to get there so fourth and so on. Please post pics as well and have agreat trip.


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Feb 1, 2010
We are leaving June 11th and heading to Amana, IA to the Aliner Convention. I have some interest in purchasing a Aliner a few years down the road. From there we will head west to Mt. Rushmore and all the tourist sites and then to Yellowstone. Will keep you posted. Thanks John

Aladin Sane

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Jul 3, 2008
The amana colonies are just down the road from me. Be sure to try some of the local german restaurants. We did the trip from Iowa to Yellowstone two summers ago. The black hills do make a good half way stop. One word of advice, Yellowstone is not a good place to take a dog. I would kennel the dog at home.


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May 20, 2008
Seattle, Washington
Yes, many national parks require that a dog be on a leash at all times and forbid them from all trails. I agree with Aladin Sane that it's best to leave the dog home. You and s/he will each have a better time.